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Spam Policy

EMVANTAGE does not send or promote spam and discourages spammers and communicate to our partners to discourage spammers as well.

We do not sell or distribute our customer details including e-mail addresses for commercial or any other benefits. However, EMVANTAGE does send important communications, technical details, announcements, newsletters and promotions to our clients, partners and prospects, which are required for day-to-day business communication.

We encourage our customers and partners to maintain a valid e-mail address for each of their account contacts in the Merchant Interface as well as for automated e-mail receipts. Any "bounced" emailaddresses generates code that is tracked to check validity of the email and in case of invalid email id, the same is deleted from the list. You are therefore requested to keep your email id update in the EMVANTAGE profile.

We also encourage all our customers and partners to follow some simple steps to avoid spam:
  • Try not to display your e-mail address in public.

  • Never respond to a spam message. This includes attempting to opt-out of unsolicited messages.

  • Review the privacy policy of any company that requests your e-mail address.

  • Use an e-mail or spam filter.

In case of any query about EMVANTAGE Spam Policy feel free to contact us at contact@emvantage.com