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Security, Performance & Data Transmission

The EMVANTAGE servers securely manage all transaction–related data initiated from the customer touch points: parameter updates, authorizations, clearing, settlement and transaction database. The EMVANTAGE servers manage connections with the acquiring host for transaction authorization, clearing and settlement, including protocol translation where necessary, and also interface with the merchant management system for transaction and database management.

EMVANTAGE Payment Gateway servers provide data to the reporting and monitoring system, to facilitate real-time data reporting for the customer and network monitoring by EMVANTAGE’s customer care centre.


EMVANTAGE is developed with PCI-DSS compliance objective for its central platform hosted in a dedicated rack. The data centres from which the service is operated and processes are fully compliant, with the following objectives:

  • That EMVANTAGE platform deployments (applications, networks, production systems, data centres) are PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Implement continuous improvement methods to increase the level of compliance of already deployed and derived platforms.
Solution Security

The EMVANTAGE system architecture provides maximum system security through a combination of system and application design, operational implementation and monitoring. Merchant and Bank-specific security requirements are identified jointly with the respective IT and security management department, to integrate with their existing policies.