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Privacy Policy

Customer Details, Personal Information, Privacy and Data Protection are of extreme importance to EMVANTAGE Payments Pvt Ltd. EMVANTAGE respects your privacy and keeps the data securely with the objective of promoting mutual trust and confidence over Internet. EMVANTAGE puts all efforts to protect the security of your information during transmission over internet by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts information being transmitted. The information collected is stored on secure computers in secure environment within Level 5 Data Center where unauthorized physical or virtual access is nearly impossible. We also limit the employees accessing any kind of data and only relevant data is provided for regular work related activity on need to know basis. It is important for you (Merchant) to protect against unauthorized access to your Login ID/password and to your computer. We suggest not to store your password on any computer including any shared computer shared database protect the same from any access by unauthorized access.

EMVANTAGE is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org is the payment industry's most stringent security standard. PCI DSS Certification means security measures include: physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards; sophisticated security monitoring tools; documented security policies; use of strong encryption for transmissions of Order Information to and from EMVANTAGE Customers; restricting access to personally identifiable information; and, periodic security audits by third party security experts.

Any query regarding EMVANTAGE privacy policy can be forwarded to contact@emvantage.com

Information Collection

During browsing the company's website, for security reasons, EMVANTAGE collects information like domain, host and computer details from where the website has been accessed. This information is collected for the purpose of evaluating the security threat on company's website and if after security evaluation, such details are found to be threat the details are used to block the access to company website.

Use of Gateway Services
After Registration, EMVANTAGE may maintain the Information for a certain period of time to comply with audits, legal requirements, or for the purpose of communication with the customer. EMVANTAGE may also use your Information for internal business analysis. During the course of providing Gateway Services to EMVANTAGE Customers, EMVANTAGE may disclose Order Information to banks, processors, card associations, and other financial institutions that are involved in the course of processing or screening the transaction applicable to the Order Information.

The website collects information through forms for the merchants interested in doing business with company. Such information is stored securely and used to communicate with the prospect. This information is shared with the bank during the bank approval process and is also used to verify the customer KYC process.


EMVANTAGE Privacy Policy with respect to the handling of Personal Information and related data submitted by the reader of this Privacy Policy, persons accessing the website or generated by EMVANTAGE via the company's website during fulfillment of services to EMVANTAGE's customers will use and disclose Information only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement.

The policy does not apply to practices of EMVANTAGE customers and Partners and or the organizations not controlled by EMVANTAGE

Information Disclosure

EMVANTAGE never sells any personally identifiable information and shares with any unauthorized party, except as expressly set forth below:

  • Confidentiality: All contracts entered into between EMVANTAGE and EMVANTAGE Customers, EMVANTAGE and Subcontractors, and EMVANTAGE and other third party service providers contain express provisions governing the confidential treatment of any and all personally identifiable information.

  • Browsing: Information collected during browsing the website may be used to evaluate security threat, analyze trends and access patterns for security purposes. Such Information may be disclosed to third parties to provide any of the aforementioned activities on behalf of EMVANTAGE.

  • Inquiries: Forms submitted online collect the information, which is used by EMVANTAGE and its banks to evaluate customer details and if found eligible, to provide the services requested. Information collected during the submission of online forms will not be disclosed to any third party unless such third party has been contracted by EMVANTAGE, with obligations of confidentiality, to contact you on our behalf or on the behalf of the bank.

  • Use of Services: During the course of providing the Gateway Services EMVANTAGE may disclose Your Information to third parties including banks and card processing associations as per the norms laid down by the industry associations for sharing such information. EMVANTAGE may also use Your Information to contact you about other EMVANTAGE offerings, newsletters, promotions etc. directly or through the use of third party vendors. If you are a customer of a EMVANTAGE Customer, EMVANTAGE will use Order Information during the course of providing processing services to such EMVANTAGE Customer.

  • Online Forms: Upon your application for EMVANTAGE merchant account, EMVANTAGE may use and disclose the Information to evaluate Your eligibility for a merchant account, to verify your credentials by its own employees or through third parties including disclosure to consumer reporting agencies, relevant financial institutions, and other entities involved in providing or verification of such information as required during the course of performing day to day business activity.

  • Cookies: Forms on our website may use cookies. Cookies are small files of data that reside on your computer and allow EMVANTAGE to recognize you as a EMVANTAGE Customer or a previous visitor of our website. EMVANTAGE may use cookies to populate frequently used forms or to provide you with other customized viewing options for Your convenience. EMVANTAGE uses cookies solely to maintain personalized services throughout the website.