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  • Powerful MIS tool to help bank and Merchant extract reports in their convenient formats with following functionalities:

    1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly report

    2. Reports segregated by region, branch, city, Central and country

    3. Customer friendly facility for Capture and Refund

    4. Batch Processing and Standing Instructions

    5. In case of Credit and Debit Cards separate report for Auth only transactions, Capture Only Transactions and Auth and Capture Transactions

  • Powerful Helpdesk management ranging from Merchant Onboarding to Back Office management and Support Ticket management with options for EMVANTAGE, Banks and Merchants to transparently support each other as requested.

  • Highly secure State of the art payment processing host based on Security related queries pre personalised for each bank and merchant, resulting in controlling and managing risk and fraud efficiently

  • In depth information gathering for automated processes for handling information exchange regarding any chargeback related queries

  • Option for Transaction Void and Refund with control at Bank and Merchant end to manage the return of goods or unsuccessful deliveries

  • State of the Art “Level 4 Data Centre” with unlimited bandwidth, redundancy and advanced networking architecture and 99.995% uptime guarantee

  • Ready option to connect to NPCI for IMPS based transactions and for Financial Inclusion end to end solution

  • Ready Shopping Cart for Merchants new to business